Student Leadership Development Plan: A Case Study

A call to quantify student learning has been loud and clear from those in and out of higher education  This call is to articulate the quality of the student experience through assessment of learning outcomes in key areas not easily tracked by classroom experiences (AAC&U, 2012).  To answer this call the Association of American Colleges & […]

Engaging the Inner Student

I was once enthralled and amazed by my studies.  In both my undergraduate and graduate degrees I was constantly chewing on new ideas, sucked in by the brilliance of the researchers.  I was busy and active as I creatively tried on my own thoughts and challenged the opinions of those before me.  My brain was […]

Twenty 20 Vision

Twenty-twenty vision. We hope that is the kind of clarity we bring to our profession, but the 2012 Utah NASPA conference held October 12 at Salt Lake Community College emphasized that type of vision by focusing on the ambitious 2020 Utah and national aims to boost completion rates in higher education by that date. NASPA […]

NASPA Graduate Associate Program

The NASPA Graduate Associate Program (GAP) is an initiative to increase leadership opportunities of graduate students within NASPA. NASPA GAs work collaboratively with other GAs throughout the world to become another communication conduit for NASPA events, publications, and programs offerings within a campus community. Associates also have the opportunity to serve on an unofficial graduate student council, providing […]

The Veteran Culture

Why is there a disconnect between how Veterans and “regular students” are perceived on most university campuses?  Why is it so difficult to get Veterans programs and issues worked on like those for other under-represented groups?  I see two main reasons for this and here are my random thoughts based on absolutely nothing more than […]

Multiracial KC Updates

Hello MultiRacial KC-ers! I know you’re all excited for the Western Regional Conference and I am excited to see you there! Just a few updates on some good information in regards to the KC! Involvement with the MRKC National Board We are currently looking for interested individuals who would like to volunteer to work with […]

Honest Learning Outcomes

Honest Learning Outcomes Submitted by Amber Dehne Baillon, Associate Director, Student Involvement & Leadership Pacific Lutheran University In 2008, professionals at Pacific Lutheran University debuted the Student Leadership Institute (SLI). This three-day experience was designed to offer student leaders a chance to learn, reflect, and prepare for a meaningful year ahead.  The institute’s focus […]