Learning to say No with a Smile :^)

“How about joining this committee?” “We could use your help on this project.” “Want to help with this event?” “I know you have a lot going on, but if you could help out with this…” As a new professional or graduate student it is easy to say “Yes” to any and every assignment or project […]

Educational Technology: What do you need to know?

Walls, Credentials, Balloons, Glasses, Digital Stories, ePortfolios, and Everything in between. We need to look at the writing on the wall: the days of standing in front of a classroom full of students and delivering a lecture full of interesting, important, and useful information are coming to an end. Don’t believe me?  Go in to […]

Student-Athlete KC Provides New Student Affairs Professional Development

Student-athletes are a vital part of any college or university. They are classmates, role models, and mentors, and provide seen and unseen leadership on and off the court. In recognizing the value of student-athletes and the need to provide more opportunities for growth amongst professionals, NASPA recently created the Student-Athlete Knowledge Community (SAKC). If you work […]

Meet Your NASPA REGION V 2013 State/Province Representatives

NASPA Region V is famously known for representing the largest geographical area among all NASPA regions. In order to best serve our membership, the Advisory Board includes state/provincial representatives whose purpose is to welcome new members to the region and serve as liaisons between members and the board. Feel free to reach out to your […]