Region V has a new Social Media Coordinator! Meet Dani McKean!

Dani writes: My Twitter bio is probably the best way to explain myself in under 160 characters: Environmentally focused web designer, supervisor, health-freak, and grad student with a passion for web related communication including usability and interactivity I have been working in web design and front-end development for 13 years. I am currently the web […]

NASPA Coffee Break at the University of Washington

This week, NASPA Region V board members at the University of Washington (Seattle) hosted NASPA members and colleagues from across campus for a “NASPA Coffee Break.” This event brought professionals together to connect with one another, share updates from NASPA, promote ways to get involved and hear what folks would like to see from the […]

NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program Recruitment

It’s not only time for the start of the year, it’s also NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program (NUFP) recruitment season! NUFP is a semi-structured mentorship program for historically underrepresented undergraduates to explore a career in student affairs and higher education. NUFP is a great opportunity to mentor and explore our amazing field as a career option. […]

Partnering to Support Our Vets

We love and support our veterans while they are on active duty, fighting for our country, but how do we, as higher educational professionals, support these men and women after they exit the military? There are many transition programs specifically sponsored by government agencies assisting vets as they leave the normalcy of the military and […]

About the MultiRacial KC

This month, the MultiRacial Knowledge Community has a short vlog (video blog) on the MRKC, the issues multiracial students are facing, and the changing demographics of the U.S: About the Vloggers: Matthew Jeffries is a Residential Education Director at Washington State University and is the Region V Multiracial KC Representative. He has a B.A. in […]