Health in Higher Education KC

Hello everyone! My name is Malinda Shell and I am the new Region V Health in Higher Education Knowledge Community Representative. Although I am fairly new to NASPA, I have been working as a Health Educator at Oregon State University’s Student Health Services for almost 15 years. I also worked in campus recreation for 5 years at Iowa State University and North Carolina State University before migrating to college health.  I am a generalist so I get to talk to students about all kinds of health issues that affect their academic success such as sleep, stress management, time management, healthy eating and relationship issues.  I oversee our health coaching, sexual health and peer theater programs,  as well as a physical activity program called Beaver Strides. I also have 12 years of teaching experience and do a lot of cultural competence work on my campus. Most recently, I created a community health partners program that provides cultural competence training for some of our staff and then helps them form partnerships with students and faculty staff in various communities to help meet the unique needs of the students in those communities.

Malinda ShellBeing fairly new to NASPA, I welcome any and all feedback in regards to topics that you would like to discuss or professional development opportunities you’d like to see. I am also open to collaborating with other KCs as I feel that all student affairs professionals are in one way or another dealing with some aspect of student health and wellness. If you are not already on the Health In Higher Education listserv, feel free to subscribe. I will be sending out a quick survey soon to get input from folks on what issues they’d like to get started on first. I am looking forward to working with you all!

Submitted by Malinda Shell, Region V Health in Higher Education KC Rep and Health Educator at Oregon State University. She can be reached at: or on Twitter via @mksbvrfan.

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