The Graduate Student Experience

We have been in session for some allied health programs since the first week of July and for a few others since August. Thus students have already experienced triumph and failure and developed bonds with their cohort. Students have passed from the disbelief stage of graduate school to the wary acceptance of their new reality. […]

Health in Higher Education KC

Hello everyone! My name is Malinda Shell and I am the new Region V Health in Higher Education Knowledge Community Representative. Although I am fairly new to NASPA, I have been working as a Health Educator at Oregon State University’s Student Health Services for almost 15 years. I also worked in campus recreation for 5 […]

Region V Represents in Campus Pride’s “Top 25″ LGBT-friendly Colleges and Universities

On August 20th, Campus Pride announced the 2013 list of the top 25 LGBT friendly colleges and universities via the Campus Pride Index. Campus Pride is a national recognized organization that works towards making colleges and universities a safe and inclusive space for individuals on the GLBT Spectrum. This year we had five institutions make […]

NASPA Coffee Break at the University of Washington

This week, NASPA Region V board members at the University of Washington (Seattle) hosted NASPA members and colleagues from across campus for a “NASPA Coffee Break.” This event brought professionals together to connect with one another, share updates from NASPA, promote ways to get involved and hear what folks would like to see from the […]

About the MultiRacial KC

This month, the MultiRacial Knowledge Community has a short vlog (video blog) on the MRKC, the issues multiracial students are facing, and the changing demographics of the U.S: About the Vloggers: Matthew Jeffries is a Residential Education Director at Washington State University and is the Region V Multiracial KC Representative. He has a B.A. in […]

Student-Athlete KC Provides New Student Affairs Professional Development

Student-athletes are a vital part of any college or university. They are classmates, role models, and mentors, and provide seen and unseen leadership on and off the court. In recognizing the value of student-athletes and the need to provide more opportunities for growth amongst professionals, NASPA recently created the Student-Athlete Knowledge Community (SAKC). If you work […]

Student-Athlete KC finds home at NASPA

After an extensive implementation process NASPA is pleased to announce the support of our work with Student Athletes through the development of the Student-Athlete Knowledge Community. Do you work with student athletes or are you looking for a chance to make more meaningful connections with this specific target population of students? Join the Student-Athlete KC […]

NASPA Region V Board Meeting Today in Portland, OR

The NASPA Region V Board Meeting is today in Portland, OR. Attendance is at an all-time high with a variety of institutions represented from around the region. Lots of new connections are being made and discussions about how to plug members in to the Knowledge Communities in useful and meaningful ways that help us to […]

Updates from our Knowledge Communities

This spring, the Region V Advisory Board was lucky to have gained a host of new Knowledge Community (KC) representatives. KC reps are dedicated and energetic volunteers from around our region who are ready to connect with you via NASPA’s KCs. If you are a member of a KC you will soon receive a listserv […]

Race, Racism, and the Higher Ed Professional

The 2011 article, “Race and Racism in the Experiences of Black Male Resident Assistants at Predominantly White Universities” by Shaun Harper et al. is a good reading piece for higher education professionals who work with Black male Resident Assistants at Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs). I sent the article to my department for reading and it […]