Knowledge Communities

KC Group Photo 2013NASPA Knowledge Communities (KCs) provide an opportunity for NASPA members to access information and resources in a specific subject matter that pertains to the student affairs profession and come together through common interests in ways that support the NASPA mission, vision, and goals. Knowledge Communities create and share knowledge through the delivery of educational research, programs, and products; through the use of technology; and by way of face-to-face meetings, workshops, and/or conferences. Knowledge Communities provide an entry point to the association for graduate students and new professionals, and offer a structured organization for new and continuing members to confirm their commitment to and passion for the profession through their common interests.

Participate in a KC!
Find out about any of the 27 NASPA Knowledge Communities by visiting the NASPA Website.

View current KC Representative openings.

Contact Information
KC Coordinators

LeAnne Jones Wiles
Assistant Director
First Year Programs
University of Washington
Charlie Varland
Associate Director
Student Involvement & Leadership Center
Boise State University

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