NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program

The NASPA Undergraduate Fellows program is a semi-structured program for undergraduate students wishing to explore and better understand the field of student affairs and/or higher education.  Students and mentors apply as a pair, and if selected this mentorship provides the foundation of the NUFP program.  Students, once selected, are given opportunities to attend the NASPA national and regional conference(s), participate in paid summer internships, and participate in the Dungy Summer Leadership Institute.   Some campuses within Region V also have campus based NUFP programs.

The mission of NUFP is to increase the number of historically disenfranchised and underrepresented professionals in student affairs and/or higher education, including but not limited to those of racial and ethnic minoritized backgrounds; those having a disability; and those identifying on the LGBTQ spectrum.

If you are interested in learning more about NUFP, applying to be in NUFP as a student or mentor, or are an alumnus of the program who is interested in connecting and giving back, please contact Region V NUFP Coordinator, Kim McAloney at or 541-737-3240.


  1. Heidi Stanton says:

    Power of One is excited about the opportunities to collaborate with NUFP this year. We know there are some amazing students who will make great student affairs officers once they get involved in NUFP!

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